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The Belly Band: What's it all about?

by Diana Edwards October 22, 2017 2 min read

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Hurrah! You're pregnant! But.... no bump yet - everything will be fine right? Everything still fits - maybe I'll be one of those lucky ones who just 'keeps wearing her normal clothes'...... until, one day, you are trying to do up your jeans and the top button just Will.Not.Do.Up. No way. Enter the Yummy Maternity Belly Band..... This nifty little garment is essentially a tube of seamless fabric, that you can place over those open jeans, put your top on over it, and hey presto, you look like you've just stylishly layered your tops. You can get loads more wear out of your own jeans this way, and don't forget, that after you've had the baba, sadly most of us won't be leaving the hospital in our skinny jeans, so the Belly Band is ideal for the transitioning back into your old clothes too. Once you've started wearing your Belly Band, you'll find all sorts of ways to save your wardrobe with it - in the second and third trimesters, you may need it to hold up maternity wear that you haven't quite filled out yet - or many mamas tell us they just like the comfort and security that extra bit of support gives them. Don't forget to pack one in your hospital bag too - they make an excellent soft cover if you have had a Caesarean, and you can even use it as a boob tube when you are getting used to your new Dolly Parton-esque assets. In fact they are great to have as a tummy cover when you are getting used to breastfeeding and not feeling super confident about exposing your tummy. Just one problem: if you lend them to a friend, you'll have to fight to get them back :)