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Finding the best nursing bra for your boobies

by Diana Edwards September 13, 2017 2 min read

The Bamboo Knickers Grey Melange Yummy Maternity Shop
The nursing bra. Something every new mother absolutely needs, but one of the last things on “The List” to be considered. Also one of the first things we wish we had once the baba is here and our breasts have swelled to nearly four times their usual size (if you have had your milk ‘come in’, you know just what we mean)! But how do you buy a bra for boobs that will changes sizes a couple of times before they finally settle? Fear not yummy mamas. We have a few suggestions to help you with this daunting task. Firstly: get a nursing bra that fits. This may sound like a challenge considering the aforementioned change in the shape and size of your bosom throughout your pregnancy. Luckily Yummy Maternity takes the guess work out of your purchase with easy sizing. Our Bamboo Nursing Bra is so soft and stretchy that it only comes in the sizes S/M and M/L, meaning that one size fits from bump to babe! Here's why we love the Yummy Maternity Nursing Bra and how we designed it, after years of testing and research: *It looks like a 'normal' bra! You don't need fancy contraptions and over the shoulder, boulder holders to support you: just a nice, clean no fuss design. *It does have hidden secrets though: double layer back strap helps to eliminate the dreaded back fat, deep V in front means you can wear it discreetly with your usual wardrobe, removable pads mean you can smooth out any nipple lines. A nursing bra should be comfortable enough for sensitive preggie boobs and supportive enough for nursing. So try it on. Is it a great fit? Comfortable? Durable? Bob’s your uncle! So your boobs have changed. We promise you they are serving a bigger purpose now (pun maybe intended). So love them, appreciate them. And show them off!