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How to celebrate the bump

by Diana Edwards July 24, 2017 2 min read

how to celebrate the bump yummy maternity
This month has been all about celebrating how gorgeous the pregnant body is. We've been inspired by the Queen B, who recently gave birth to twins and everyday local moms like Just a Mamma who gave birth to Ava just a couple of weeks ago! The one thing we noticed about both these mamas is the time they took to love their new bodies. It left us feeling inspired so we thought we’d share our favourite ways to celebrate pregnancy.

A pregnancy calendar

You know that a tiny human is busy growing inside of you and you can see all the changes on the outside, but learning about what how your baba is really growing week by week is not only interesting but empowering. Also knowing that yourtiny human is the size of a pineapple is a rather comforting thought. So take the time to wonder in everything that your body is doing!          

A maternity shoot

It might sound cliché to some mamas, but we think a lot of us have forgotten that we can have a maternity shoot any way we choose. You don’t need a fancy photographer either.Here are some great tips from The Bump, andPinterest is filled with inspiration.                  

Move your body

Sometimes you’re not celebrating the bump because all the hormones have left you feeling a little meh. Our answer is gentle exercise. Obviously run any changes in your exercise routine by your doctor first but a good walk or a dance in your lounge is the perfect way to help you feel connected to your body.

Rock your new curves with clothes that celebrate them

When we say love the bump, LOVE the bump (and everything else that’s changed too). Don’t hide under massive sweatshirts and baggy t-shirts. Choose seamless figure hugging clothes that grow with you. You can browse our BodyWear Collectionhere.                      

Eat what you want

Pregnancy cravings are the perfect excuse to explore your palette and demand ice cream at 10 o’ clock at night but life is about balance - give yourself the odd treat but do your recovery a favour by keeping the donuts down to one a day ;)