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New Curves. Same Woman.

by Diana Edwards May 24, 2017 2 min read

Yummy mummy maternity
This year Yummy Mummy turns TEN! As a testament to the longevity of our designs, we have been kitting you out in the same core basics for almost as long! But change can be a good thing too, which is why you may have noticed our slightly new look and move to more sustainable maternity fashion choices. One of the yummies sat down with our founder Katie Borland to chat.    Q: So before we talk about what’s new I think it’s important to look back too. Can you describe the Yummy Maternity aesthetic and how has that evolved since you first launched the brand ten years ago? We've gotten cleaner and leaner. As a maternity wear market leader for the last 10 years in SA, we've listened to all the mamas and trimmed our range down to exactly what you need.   Q: Has turning ten been the driving force behind changing from Yummy Mummy Tummy to Yummy Maternity? One of the things I love most about fashion is the very delicate balance between how often it changes (think seasons and trends), but also how personal style is so dependent on pieces that hardly ever change - basics. So turning ten gave the Yummy Team the perfect opportunity to look at the brand with a fresh new eye - so where can we improve your basics?   Q: Naturally, my next question is how do you improve the humble basic? Our starting point was the global trend of simplifying your life and making better choices. Simpleis better. We combined all our years of Nursing / Maternity Bra feedback and we decided to put every great feature into one bra - the one and only bra you need.   Q: And why the switch to bamboo-only fabrics? In the past, we did have a bamboo option because it gave us the opportunity to do our bit for the planet and it feels amazing on your skin. We wanted all our yummy mamas to feel those benefits. Now that everything is manufactured in bamboo we’re contributing more positively to the fashion industry and we’ve benefited from economy of scale, meaning we can now offer the range at a super affordable price.   Q: What do you think Yummy Maternity brings to the South African maternity wear market? Just what you need: The basics! Just because you are pregnant, doesn't mean your style changes: you are still the same woman, just with new curves. Our collection lets you mix and match your own clothes so you still look and feel like yourself. And our undies are just what you need: clean, modern design, super easy for transitional sizes and nursing. Basically what a real mama with a real on the go life needs every day.   Q: What is the vision for the brand moving forward? To be the brand of choice for Yummy Mamas  - and to be with you, supporting and inspiring your mamahood journey.