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What is "yummy"?

by Diana Edwards April 24, 2017 1 min read

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Being pregnant is a lot: you’re growing a human inside of you, your body is going through all sorts of crazy and then on top of that the WHOLE WORLD has an opinion about the little body that’s creating your bump. You used to only be faced with other people’s ‘supreme’ parenting advice when they physically entered your bubble. But now we are blessed with the internet. We are exposed to opinions and criticism 24 hours a day, and it’s exhausting - which is where we come in. At Yummy Mummy Maternity we’ve scrapped the mainstream definition of a yummy mummy. We don’t ever expect mums to always have everything together - because it’s impossible. That’s exactly why we decided to create a space and sell products that honour what you feel works best for you and your baba. We’re a no-judgement zone. Mean mamas cannot sit with us. So if trying to find clothes for your body whilst it does the big streeetch and you are feeling completely overwhelmed we’re here for you. If you’re in Joburg pop by our flagship store, have a cry and then when you’re ready we’ll make sure you walk out of our store feeling yummy. Our online store is just as magical, because if you have ANY questions you can message or email us, because buying your first nursing bra is a little scary. So just remember that this is your pregnancy, no one else's and if anyone says anything you can send them to us ;)